Saturday, August 4, 2007

who me?!

...a question Jo asked me three saturdays ago, want to be on a creative team? My answer is emphatically "yes!" I think I emailed the news to everyone in my email contacts list, family & friends all over the world! I'm loving it, really. Thanks to Jo and Kara at Kjoistudios I've been mad scrapping LO's for the awesome designers there. I've always known I have the capabilities & drive to do it, but it just hadn't happened yet. It's not the traditional way of making a living. It certainly doesn't impress my father. But he's always had high expectations for me. I wonder if he'll ever really be proud of me. It's a far cry from my Bachelor's in Psychology. Truthfully, I wish I had pursued the creative arts instead. It's always been my natural inclination. My first published work was for the cover of the literary art magazine Magical Wheel for my elementary school! Thanks Mrs. Baraham! [she had that artist thumb, where it was flattened & charcoaled from smudging pencils for many years....funny thing to recall after all these years.anyways...]

For me, it's more than extra income for my hubby & I. [He's a graphic designer by profession & so naturally we've got a home biz called ZaZo Graphics. Ron's so good at what he does, his clientel list has grown simply by word of mouth over the past year. CACTUSmango is my offshoot of ZaZo, but focuses more on digital scrap elements & digital photo editing.] I see my Kjoistudios CT opportunity & my recent honorable mentioin on sb.c as THE FRESH START I've been needing. So, It's finally sunken in. I've got my foot in the door of the digital scrapbooking world & I'm gonna burst right through! I can't tell you how good this feels. It's contentment & excitement all at the same time.


JoAnn V. ( said...

awww super sweet! you know i love you and your work girlie! i hope i can better my digi scrapping just by being in your presence! you're awesome. i'm so happy you're part of our team!

Unknown said...

i'm so happy you are a part of the team too! I love your work, it's so fresh! keep 'em coming! Oh and huge congrats on your publication! that's huge news!

Unknown said...

I have no idea why I've not visited your blog before?! Gorgeous stunning stuff here - and thank heavens you're on the team :D Love the brushes hun, stunning :D