Saturday, October 27, 2012

OOTD | Mommy+Me

Just throwing out there into the blogosphere my first #OOTD post.  This isn't my first attempt at taking an #OOTD picture.  It's just that my two babies - my little girl and my cat - keep finding their cute butts into my shot.   Finally, I've decided to go with the flow.  Here's and quick outfit I threw on yesterday:  an old short white tee from Kohl's, a pair of green shorts from j.crew, metallic bronze wedges from Dillards and my go to bracelet from F21.  The shorts are a tad bit loose, so I must get myself a skinny belt to keep myself decent.  The shoes lasted all but a minute, for the photo only.  When I went out I threw on my nikes. For my mini, I chose a green striped tank from Walmart (got a bunch of these for only $1) and I can't remember where the skirt is from.  My daughter chose to wear her oversized high heels, and my silver bracelet from Claire's.  She also decided to accessorize me with a teal/silver bracelet from Walmart.   I didn't think it goes, but she put it on me, so it's staying.  Makeup is all Bare Minerals, except some concealer from TooFaced.
OK, that's enough of this OOTD stuff for me today.  This is a lot more work to post this than I thought!  If you have questions, drop me a message in the comments.  Gotta go turn myself into Elastigirl for tonight's costume party. We're going as The Incredibles ;) (keep a look out for that diy post next week!)
p.s. does anyone know how to remove the light box outline around my sig?  that bugs me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Halloween 2012 | Michonne


DIY Halloween 2012, a set on Flickr.
My first zombie themed race day was crazy hot and totally worth it. The best part is when I heard, "Dude, it's Michonne!" as I was passing through a crowd of zombies pre-race. stay tuned for a post on how I put together my Michonne look.

Monday, October 1, 2012

BooBaby Pacifiers

We have been battling a mosquito invasion AND sick to the bones in our house sneezing and blowing our noses for the past several days.  Thanks to Zazzle's easy to use system, I've been actually productive today.  I made these cute Halloween themed pacifiers with personality!

BooBaby Pacifiers are the perfect accessory for your little trick~or~teether!  I wish these were around when my girl was an infant!

Now Available exclusively at Zazzle!
VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
BattyBinky BooBaby Pacifiers
EyePoppin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
SillySkull Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
AllStitchedUp Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Update:  3:18 pm 10/1/2012
Inspired by that catchy slogan I thought of I created one more binky to complete the BooBaby Pacifier collection

TrickOrTeethe VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Plus you can use this code: 4TALITTLEONES to save 15% on your order!

Thanks for stopping by! Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Testing out Totally Rad photo recipe

We recently gave Totally Rad a test run and ended up liking it so much, we bought it, using their 15% off coupon code found on their FB page

Their Rad Lab product makes retouching photos super easy and down right addicting.   It's so easy to use you can get carried away with all the tweeks you can play around with. If you find a set of tweeks and stylets that you like you can even save them as a "recipe".  Saving it creates a special file, which makes it easy to share for those already using Rad Lab.  It also saves it within Rad Lab's history, so you can easily click it again to apply to your next photo.

Here's one I made this morning, that I'd like to call Yipppeeee!!!

about the picture:    my little almost 3 year old loves to come up with surprises for me.  sometimes she just pulls my hand and zips me away to her show and tell, I don't have time to set up my digital camera.  so, these special moments sometimes don't get the best photo memory.  this time she set up a pretend picnic for me. geez i just love her to pieces.  especially those toes of hers.  well, using Rad Lab's awesome stylets and tweeking the intensity of each brought this special picture into the light. 

Yipppeeee!!! recipe

1. Lights On :: 100% strength
2. Oh, Snap!  :: 112% strength | 48% snap | 84% saturation
3. Clare-ity :: 35%
4. P.O.S. Lens :: 115% strength | vignette size 44% | 78% blur | vignette 85%
5. Vanilla Kiss :: 52% strength

So, I submitted Yipppeee!! onto Rad Lab's community tab in hopes that it's picked up for their Recipes page.  ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Color Panel on Wooden Bangle

What to do when the bangle you love is out of stock?  Shop the clearance racks at Target and score an angular shaped bangle and paint it your favorite color or to match your outfit. This is a super quick diy. Just tape off an area on the bangle, paint, let dry, touch up with a sharpie and enjoy! 

I liked the white panel on black, but really wanted the look of this ASOS Angular Wooden Bangle with Neon Perspex Panel.  So, I repeated the steps above and painted over the white with Citron craft paint, with the intent to mod podge or glaze over the craft paint...but  After doing this, I realized it wasn't a smart move to paint craft onto nail polish. Next time, I'll stick to just citron craft paint on white craft paint, covered with mod podge. Or I'll have to buy a neon green or citron nail polish, to go over the white nail polish. OK, sorry for rambling a bit, it's hard to type & concentrate when my two year old is hanging all over my arms and lap cranky.  It's her  nap time.

Well, I hope the pictures will suffice in helping you diy your own color paneled  wooden bangle! 

with triple thick glaze

inspiration bangle

links to some more diy neon wood bangles:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Dreams Pillow

Give your sweet heart something she can hug and snuggle with.  Like this sweet dreams pillow <3

For some other especially sweet valentines gift ideas check out my pinterest board < here >

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Digital Frame

It's been awhile, since I made anything for digital scrapbooking.  Today, I made a frame.  (See preview Below) I'll be using my Xyron to make magnets.  Here's one of my favorites for you to download for free.  Thanks to all my friends and family for parading your dogs in costume, zumba-ing, dancing, eating paletas & frozen yogurt, buying Christmas trees, sending your love from afar by donating online & putting cash in a stamped envelope, adopting my baby jade Sprouts, donating garage sale items, letting me do some website work and logo design - All to help me to raise $1,075 thus far for Phoenix Children's Hospital!  I've exceeded my team committment of $1,000 and now it'll be gravy on top to reach my personal goal of $1,500!  I'm still accepting donations online at my official PCH Fundraising page here > 

Chewy Mango Walnut Bars! YUM!

My friend Ginni Llorente has started up her own little bakery biz.  I imagine her right now elbow deep in flour, walnuts and mangos.   Yes, mangos!  hello, i'm a fan already and haven't even tasted her Chewy Mango Bars with walnuts yet. (So, sorry no pictures to show yet) But, I've ordered THREE bags of bars already.  Maybe I'll share some with you...maybe not.  If you are in the Phoenix area, and would like to order some of my friend's delicious baked goods. Please leave a comment here or on my facebook wall.  I'll fill you in pricing.   She's just starting out, so the pricing is mainly to cover her expenses.  The bars would make a lovely gift for sure.  I've decided not to mark up the price to fundraise for PCH.  Instead, please consider donating online directly to  Phoenix Children's Hospital at and messaging me for details, if you'd like to order some mango bars from my friend.  Gotta support your local upstart businesses!

Lastly, Phoenix Children's Hospital set up these two fundraisers & hopefully those local can participate in them.   
  • Zumba Dec 11th 2-4pm at Abby Bella Arcadia
    4280 E Indian School Rd.; Suite #108
    Phoenix, AZ 85018                                    $15 Zumba ticket for two hours and 100% of ticket sales go to PCH. that's pretty awesome. 
  • Christmas Trees  Purchase your Christmas Tree with Scottsdale Environmental and $15 will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital! Happy Holidays! See event for participating locations. 
More Goodness:
Now, if helping out a children's hospital isn't motivation enough, here's some goodies to dangle before you:

I still have one $25 Sprouts Farmers Market gift card to raffle away to donors.  Plus, my very talented husband, Ron Carranza of ZaZo Graphics and Animation, will be creating a custom 8x10 caricature of your loved one(s), for one lucky Donor! 

Thank goodness for social media networking, because printing & handing out fliers was a real pain, especially having to bring my 2 year old along each time! She may have gone a little bit coo-coo from it all, as you can see from her picture above.  My husband & I are breathing a simultaneous Huge SIGH of relief that the big urgency to raise enough has passed! HIGH-FIVE ya'll!  Now, I have all my energy for the holiday frenzy and training for the MARATHON!!!!  Saturday, I'm running 14-16 miles! Ridiculous!

alrighty, Enjoy the digi frame!