Friday, October 12, 2007

Kjoistudios website down for maintenance

Unfortunately, the site is undergoing a server change starting yesterday. I wasn't aware of it until I checked my email - after I had posted my ads everywhere...Everywhere being just three places. So really - i don't think I'd have people tripping over themselves to buy my sale items...LOL! but a girl can hope & dream, right? Well needless to say, I have a long way to go on my marketing campaign/ well as beefing up my inventory. So, I'm just going to Suck it up - take this as more time to create. So that when the site is running again, I'll have more goodies for people to choose from and I'll have had more time to spread the word. Not everything in business goes smoothly the first time or 2nd time around... We have to learn from our mistakes and just keep improving. I really am learning alot with working with Kara and the other Designer Divas. I've also forged some great personal connections as well. Even though we operate in a virtual environment, it's amazing to see how you can meet like minded people, people you can actually call your friend.


JoAnn V. ( said...

hey girlie!

and maybe one day you can teach me the art of design. :) *heart* ya!

Unknown said...

hey jo! thanks for dropping by!

sure! what would you like to design first? ;)