Thursday, November 15, 2007

EYE of the Tiger!

By nature, I'm competitive. So naturally I've entered another contest in the wake of Stand Up & Scrap. This one is only four weeks long, but it's to vie for a spot as a designer at If you've ever heard of Cut+Paste Digital Design Tournament you'd know how excited I am to be doing the Digital Designer Contest at Scrapstreet. It's of course a lo-tech scrap version, but still is really cool! for lack of a better way to express that! Another interesting twist to this design contest, is that everything we submit each round must be offered for FREE DOWNLOAD to their registered members exclusively and we can't share the download links for the free kits until after the contest. But we can show our work according to the rules, in our blogs & websites. So, here's my Round 1 & Round 2 entries. The first round we were tasked to design 8 elements & create a preview.

For the 2nd Round we were asked to pick one of the other contestants element set & create coordinating papers, plus create a LO with the resulting collaboration kit. I just finished up my entry, zipped it & uploaded to 4shared. But I can't share the link, just yet. You can find the link & the password to download it in the Digital Design Contest gallery at So sign up so you can watch the excitement unfold. I'm in it for the pure exhilaration of competition! Unlike the Stand Up & Scrap Contest, the Scrapstreet contest posts each contestants point standings each week. So the pressure is on. It's like you gotta look back & see who's catching up to you in a race...and also see who's in the lead ! LOL! All the designers are pumpin' out some mean [as in great] designs. But it ain't over yet! We still have TWO MORE ROUNDS! Or if you like - you can also participate in the appreciation gallery, 'cuz you might get picked up as a creative team member. click on the FAB4 preview thumbnail to see the .gif flip through the other 3 pages in the set. And the next one is the LO i submitted for Round2's - 2nd requirement:

This LO is to commemorate my hubby's dad...I call him DAD too. :) He's a Vietnam & Desert Storm Veteran and he walked/ran his first 10k (6.2 miles) along with the whole Carranza family during the Tempe New Times 10k on Veterans Day just this past weekend. He's 65! and he was still wanting to run/walk some more! Same thing with mom - she was only a few minutes behind us with Ron. Ron is pumped to RUN next year! I was really inspired by Ron's parents' gusto for staying fit and active. They've change the meaning of retirement for me. It just goes to show that you gotta "keep on keepin' on" - if you wanna live a happy long life. mmmmhmmmm that's right! Mabuhay Baby!

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myfrogprince said...

your designs look great, good luck with the contest. Designing for Scrapstreet sounds like an amazing opportunity.