Monday, June 23, 2008


= Funny.

That's right, - It's ridiculously hot here in AZ. We've had Excessive Heat Warnings for the past week. Which has really smothered my creativity. And that's no laughing matter for someone whose living comes straight from creative juices.

Today, after coming home from an ultrasound appointment...(No, I'm not preggers yet...They just wanted to check if all my goods are good)...anyways, Today, I shamelessly cranked the AC down to 80 F today - just so I could somewhat comfortably be creative. And it worked. I came up with another Hybrid Page and this one's dedicated to my brother Gary's three goofy kids, which makes me one lucky auntie.

These pictures were taken a couple years back, but, I journaled about how I enjoyed seeing them earlier this year, where my SIL took them on a road trip from VA down to Florida. It was loads of fun, tiring, but so worth it. They made me so happy seeing my Brother, SIL and kids together. It's not easy being a military family and they are doing something right, because the kids are such good kids...goofy...and really sweet. Gosh! I miss them.

I was inspired to do this page for AidaVille's June Mid-Month Challenge at Which asked for three components: 1. "Fussy Cutting", 2. use a pattern paper or cardstock with the edges cut at a curve. And 3rd, add texture in the form of Stickles glitter, pearl glue or white pen.

This Hybrid page consists of digital elements I created for Posh Picnic, traditional elements from Cocoa Daisy's Gazebo kit and a couple misc. papers from my very old stash. I'm so glad I got to put them to use finally. I also will post this as examples for the Hybrid Challenge at Cocoa Daisy and the Lyric Challenge at Kjostudios.

Here are some close-up shots:


Ady said...

Thanks for those wonderful comments on my layout. How cool that you create those awesome hybrid kits. I haven't dabbled in that yet but maybe someday...

JoAnn V. ( said...

So very cool. Love the layout! How fun!

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Thanks for playing, I love your work !!! My skills at hybrid are non-existent as I'm really IT challenged *LOL* have only just figured how the MAC works.

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