Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did 2008 go?

So much has happened since 2008 hit. I don't even know where to begin, or how to organize the events of my life this year. It all seems to collide into one another. I think I just put too much on my plate:

  • Try for baby #3.

  • Remodel the Kitchen.

  • Interview Contractors.

  • Shop for Appliances.

  • Catch up with all Doctor visits.

  • Coordinate Wednesday Night Dinner Rotation.

  • Host a monthly Lyric Challenge on and Kjoistudios.

  • Collaborate with K-Joi monthly.

  • Collaborate with Aimee Designs for Filipino American Heritage Month. (in the works)

  • Collaborate with Brooke for Cocoa Daisy.

  • Create a Hybrid Tutorial.

  • Create a Hybrid Album.

  • Customer service for DWP.

  • Manage the DWP forum/gallery.

  • Maintain a food blog.

One thing's for sure, I think I've been poked & proded more times than I care to, getting various lab work ups tyring to figure out, what the heck is out of whack in my body. See I haven't had a regular period since January. There was a brief moment, when my hopes soared, thinking that I might be pregnant again. But, alas my first blood test of the year, negated that.

So far, all the tests done are coming back "Normal". (Which is good, but frustrating to hear. I want to know what the heck I can do to fix myself). I've switched to a new ob-gyn, in hopes to get a 2nd oppinion. She just had me get poked again, for hormone levels and Fast Insulin. Whatever that is. But, she did tell me, it's likely she'll have me take birth control pills, just to get my cycles jump started back into a regular monthly cycle.

Recently, our lovable old dog Buster

had to be put down on Mother's Day morning. I thought I would be prepared for this, but, it still was tremendously sad to bear. Lately, Ron & I have been so much better, especially after pet-sitting for two of our friends. We had two little dogs in our house for a week. They were quite the pleasant distraction, ie. two youtube video clips on them. This one pictured here with me is Mango. She may look like a sweetheart, but she has toenails sharp as talons. I have a scratch the full length of my forearm to prove it.

Somehow this week, I managed to squeeze in a food blog...about this yummy turkey brie roll recipe that I spontaneously put together.

I'm working on a restaurant review of Latitude 8, a new Thai Grill in Historic Downtown Chandler, AZ. As for what's cookin' in my kitchen...I've actually had to shelve the Kitchen Remodel project. So that's a big bummer for us.

Yet, I believe that this is really just how I operate. I don't think I have every managed myself any other way, but, just tackling everything at once, including, helping friends/family with little things when ever I'm asked. Like, waiting for furniture to be delivered, pet sitting, etc. Truthfully, I don't say "No, I can't help.", because I enjoy helping.

Yet, even above helping and despite the fact that I do not enjoy the business side of designing, I shamelessy love designing digital products. This Garden Party kit I just finished today, is by far, one of my favorite things, that i've ever made. I just submitted it to Tricia Canonico, the owner of, where Brooke & I have a digi kit called Posh Picnic. As for Posh picnic, well, considering it's a digi kit in foreign territory (a traditional scrapbook site) - it's found a modest, yet eager following in the Cocoa Daisy community. We even have a hybrid challenge going on right now. See my last post.

*Something's-up with blogger's image uploader right now. I'll update this later with the previews.

Seeing these printed out onto Bazzil Cardstock and then cut out..., well, it was just sheer exhilration. I mean, when I saw these things printed out, I was really glowing, beaming with pride. If these sell or don't sell. It really doesn't matter. I love 'em that much. When I look at this paper, I just know that I'm doing something right. That's not me being stuck up. That's just me realizing I have it in me. So, I'll definitely post an update when Garden Party is available for purchase. It's just that Tricia has been swamped with orders for her extremely successful Gazebo Kit. Go Tricia! (She's a great gal, by the way. If you haven't heard of her yet, I'd be amazed. )

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