Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WoooHooo! and Bummer Summer news

I recently won the Impressions of Laugter Kit for entering my Kengkoy Kids page into the Scrapbook Dimensions Hybrid Challenge! Thank you Becky Troxel, Scrapbook Graphics, and everyone who supported me! You Rock! Here's the page I did with it and for the Lyric Challenge, of course! I just loved this photo taken by my goddaughter's uncle Lawrence. I cropped it and used a photo editing techinique I learned from TaylorMade. I also used a flourish and clipped ribbon from my Gazebo kit. :)

Lyrics: Scootin' in the summer/Happy as can be/Little miss mia livin' life fondly/It´s a summer time affair in the atmosphere/ Gotta love her/ inspires with the clothes she wears/She's gonna burn off them tires /and draw down gear /Some a shine up /a wax up /not a sign of smear /Mia' be rolling /in her pinkscooter /so the whole world beware! -Lyrics adapted from Shaggy's In The Summertime -Photo by Mia's uncle Lawrence

My boohoo summer news is not so bad after all. Ever heard of PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome? Well, apparently I have it. It basically means It'll take me longer to get pregnant, because I don't have a monthly ovulation. I'll spare you all the gory details, just click the PCOS link here for more info, if you want to know more about it > PCOS But, I've resolved to not let it get the best of me. Of course, I had my 10 min. of tears on the phone with Ron while sitting in the car outside the ob/gyn's office. Talking to him comforted me, knowing we'll get through this together. He & I are once again LA Fitness members (apparently a good diet and excercise can help get my ovaries back into shape!...not just my bod. Well, wouldn't it be great to know what it feels like to NOT feel my thighs touching! Yes i said that! LOL!) Ron & I did our first ever cycle class last night! We proudly wobbled out an hour later. So, for the next month I'll be putting in more excercise time vs. design time. But, I think with pratice I can certainly manage it all. In fact, I made the WoooHooo! page while waiting for a friend to pick me up - to go for a 30 min tread mill run. Next Tuesday Ron & I are going to join the Hip-Hop class...LOL! That should be a sight to see! Well, I'll check in of course with my progress and maybe even squeeze in a new page here & there.
Wish me luck.


TaylorMade Designs said...

this turned out soooo cool!!! how fun!! so full of energy! i LOVE it!!!

myfrogprince said...

thanks for posting a link to your layouts from the SD Ning site. Really lovin' your Wahoo layout. Best of luck to you on your journey of trying for a 3rd child.