Monday, June 29, 2009

Bump in Progress

Boy, my blog's dusty! I actually designed a quick page and digi scrapped for the first time in months!!! And yes folks, that's my bump in progress...the reason I've been away from the blogosphere & all of digiworld. That little growing package is very delicate...such that, I've had surgery, bed rest, weekly injections and tons of ultrasounds since my last post in March. We're just living it day by day, week by week.

fonts used in [bump] title:  Tahoma and Desryel.

But, the joy of finding out that baby's a lil' girl, has brought me back to the drawing board with a fresh new goody to start the day.  This kit is based on the first ever digital scrapbook kit that I designed, called Desert Botanicals Collection Volume 1. That was a mouthful of a name! LOL!  My 2009 version Desert Botanicals v2, has been reborn into a sweet little 5x7 quick page album set.  Desert Botanicals v2 is inspired by the colors of the southwestern landscape and the surprisingly exotic looking flora that bloom in the desert.  The floral patterns on the paper are based off of the Mexican Bird of Paradise.

Desert Botanicals v2 5x7 Album is available exclusively at K-Joi Studios.

This 5x7 quickpage is a sample of the album set above and will be offered as a freebie on K-Joi Studios Blog sometime this week.  Please check K-Joi Studios Blog to snag this quick page ;)

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Cindy Gay said...

Love the page, paper and photos over time. Lovely!