Friday, May 7, 2010

6 months already?!

Yay! It's Friday! Hubby is sitting back with Ava enjoying the Phx v. SA game.  So, I really should go take a nice long nap, before my "ava shift".   Here's a quick photo round-up of what I've been up to:

Happy Half-Birthday Ava! 

Ava + I ready before the Pat Tillman Run in Tempe.

Bowling on the base with momC in Yuma.  Can you tell I love my Baby K'tan.  Ava was so comfy in it, while I bowled that she fell asleep!

Oooh...more of my favorite baby gear.... 
Delivery from FedEx...

It''s my gMum kit!  A lot of brochures/$2 coupons and cute stickers that say "no landfill necessary" and "is your baby having an environmental movement?"  If I had my way,  ava would be a completely gDiapered baby.  But, I'm happy at least my hubby is willing to try gDiapers for day time use at home.   At night we switch to Seventh Generation diapers for overnight.  When we do have diapers to dispose of, we use the baggies from Nature BabyCare.
Oh here is Ava sporting my new gMum gear! 
Ava hanging out in her Chicco 360 hook on Chair.

Eating fresh organic avocado with her Boon Squirt Spoon.

Happy Half-Birthday Girl sporting onsie from auntie Trishna and hand-made hair clip from ninang Ninette.
Oh, and this is the first installment in my Mom's RecipeBox, which you can have for free if you are subscribed to K-Joi Studios Newsletter.  {subscribe here}

I made these to record down my mom's recipes that I grew up eating and loving, like KareKare and Terrific. And also to record recipes from my dad and in-laws. I want to be able to pass these recipes down to my daughter. These are meant to create a special Mother's Day gift. Each week check your inbox to read the K-Joi Studios Newsletter and collect the next set of cards in my Mom's RecipeBox.
1 recipe card (one light + one dark) | 2 print sheets (one sheet of 2 cards - for both variations) Pictured above is the print sheet of two light recipe cards.

Speaking of recipes...Here's a layout of ava enjoying home-made organic baby food.  I used the KidCo Food Mill (from
I re-colored this paper by Paislee Press and layered it with paper by Crystal Wilkerson.

And the last thing I made today is this Mondo Salad for dinner.   So colorful and thoroughly satisfying.   

Mondo Salad Recipe by ME!

Step 1 - Chop or slice up these ingredients
{basically add anything and everything you could ever want in a salad all into one huge bowl}:

2 organic boiled eggs
2 avocados
2 organic strawberries
10 organic cherry tomatoes
1 mandarin orange
2 celery stalks
2 sausage links
2 handfulls of shredded cheese
1 box of sliced mushrooms
1/2 onion
4 handfulls of organic baby spinach
3 slices of turkey

Optional {Put all your veggie scraps and eggs shells into a compost bin.}

Step 2 -  Sautee the mushrooms onions and sausage.  Then pour it right ontop of your salad. the contrast of warm and cold in this salad! 

That's all folks!  Time to crash!  Good night!


Cindy Gay said...

So glad to see you're well. No eat right! Great color in that salad. The paper is adorable & happy. Pretty neat you can bowl with her. I always liked my baby back packs.

Happy Mother's Day.

Great layout!

Girdle Mama said...

Salad looks so good. I am getting more and more into salads as they taste great and you still feel good after yoiu have eaten them!