Sunday, June 13, 2010

DIY wedding invitations

quite the learning a favor, my husband + i designed custom wedding invites for our friends tracy + lawrence, while I'm also being a full time S.A.H.M...I underestimated how little time I have for designing these, when my baby is needing my full attention. She's learning to crawl, learning to fall asleep on her own, teething and fighting a diaper rash. phew! 'Nuf said.

But, I'm quite happy with the turn-out. I really like the "seal" I created and I like the way my husband's orchids turned can't see in these photos, but, they have an airbrushed look to the petals.
I am also really loving Flash. I pretty much did everything design-wise in Flash {invitations, rsvps, map, candy bar wrapper (not shown) and the seal}. Oh and it was sooo much easier to make the map in Flash...instead of photoshop.

i just wish there was more time to add more design love to them. I had my vision of making custom labels and Ron made a Save the Date for them as well... but more custom doo-dads means more printing/cutting/glueing for them to do.

But they needed to get these out like yesterday. wishing them luck + speed as they race to get these to Mr. Postman this week. It was a great learning experience that I am thankful to our friends for giving us the opportunity. Perhaps we'll be helping them with their wedding programs and place settings...but, I think we're going to take a bit of breather...'til the end of July.

{special thanks to our buddy marg for cutting out all of the cardstock, for feeding me Chodangs and icecream and lending us her cutter...I'm getting you a new blade sister! and to Paislee Press for her lovely digital paper from her kit "on this day" which is featured in Memory Makers Magazine and available for download at MM website. Read about it here}

I hope to squeeze some time into converting this invitation set into something I can offer in my digital store at Kjoistudios or to offer in my Etsy shop. But, first I am going to continue working on two other projects...a logo re-vamp for a friend and a website design for my bro. Stay tuned for that. Now it's time for me to tune out. toodles.


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Gorgeous work as usual Mars. I've always loved your style. Glad you're getting into the Invitation game, it's so much fun isn't it? We'll have to find time to chat again soon.

mars said...

Thank you B! That's a great compliment coming from someone who's an uber talented designer!