Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day 10: something I made

Instead of making something new for today, this challenge has given me a good window to journal & photograph about some special things I made the night before my daughter's baptismal:  a painting and a candle. 
credits: *paislee press 2010 calendar stamp, that i modified for 2011. *overlay edge stax by Kim Liddiard and *hand drawn circle doodle by me.

Family and friends would be coming for lunch immediately following the baptismal, so I was determined to paint this and hang it up above my baby girl's crib.   I was going for the non-traditional girl nursery wall art, something mod enough, that maybe she'll take it with her to college someday.  I was inspired by this backlit canvas I'd seen on DesignSponge and fell in love with the idea.

I printed out in large black font "ava dar", then taped it on the back side of a white canvas.  (if you're thinking "ava dar"  is the raddest name you've ever heard, well, thank you, but, it's actually her first name + our family's term of endearment "dar", short for "darling".)  Ok, well, I simply used a light box to hand trace with pencil the outline of the letters.  Then I hand painted around the letters and the rest of the canvas with gray craft paint.  (I know gray for a girl's room?  I love it against the "Tender Bud" wall paint, so there.) 

By the time I finished doing this, it was well past my bedtime and the baptismal was early the next morning.  I ended up nixing the back lighting, but mainly because I loved it as-is.  You can see some of my brushstrokes and pencil lines up close, too.  So if you think from afar, it's a professional painting, and look up close to see brushstrokes, well, good!  They're there as proof that it was handmade with love.   This project may still get updated in the future...I'm always on the look out for the perfect vintage ornate frame for the "avadar" canvas, in hopes that I can take it home to coat it in a high-gloss white.      

As for the candle, I shopped around for a baptismal candle, but couldn't find one cool enough for my baby.  So, I designed the candle label and taped it on, along with some silvery white ribbons for that little sparkle.   We never did use it during her baptismal.  But, we kept it as a memento of the day our families and friends came to witness and share in this special day.  

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