Monday, October 3, 2011

Sprouts4Sprouts October Winner

After the ASU track workout last Wednesday I happened to walk in on a meal worm feeding session at the Pets, Inc.  I was passing out fliers for our Care2Dance fundraiser at the time. I was told the worms were for a Sugar Glider. Curious, I followed the manager to see if I could meet one.  After getting over the sound of their freaky squeals, I cautiously pet one of the four babies tucked in a little pouch.  These flying squirrels have fur that feels like felt.  So adorable I'm thinking of getting one for Ava's first pet.  But, I digress.  Don't be fooled by this cuddly encounter.  Fundraising is even more challenging than running.    
Flashing the cash from two happy donors.  I was hoping
the morning's fundraising success would flow into the evening.  
Exhausted, I grabbed a cup o' Joe and even snagged an awesome giveaway prize on the way to our fundraiser Care2Dance (from Donny at the Starbucks on Ray + the 101...two bags of coffee and a mug!)
After my not so glamorous yard sale fundraising in the morning...we danced the night away at Care2Dance, our team's first attempt at a big fundraiser.  We only had a short amount of time to plan for it because our dancers were already booked far in advance.  We had one night to do it, Oct 1st, so we took a chance.  We definitely had all the mechanics in place.  We had the fluff and the meat.  The turn out unfortunately was not what we were hoping for.  Regardless, we still had a great time and met some very cool people.  Here's just a few of the pictures from that night.  You can view the Care2Dance album on our team's facebook page here   We're also fortunate to have had a professional photographer shoot our event -Warren of 
OD Imagez  (I'll update this when his photos are released.) 

Amber Barnes + John Holzworth our Care2Dance instructors. They graciously volunteered their time + enthusiasm for us and made the event so much fun! Look for them at Fred Astaire!

Team Sunshine all loosened up + we're just dying for some cash!?!
Our friends from Boxer Luv Rescue
Captain Tanya, Daniel and Ava
CamillaCentral on the dancefloor!

And lastly, I wasn't going to pick the Sprouts4Sprouts $25 Sprouts gift card winners until Jan 14th at the pre-race pasta party...but, since I've had such wonderful support from everyone, I'd like to start picking out one winner each month, starting now!  Watch the video prize drawing below to find out who won this month!

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