Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Color Panel on Wooden Bangle

What to do when the bangle you love is out of stock?  Shop the clearance racks at Target and score an angular shaped bangle and paint it your favorite color or to match your outfit. This is a super quick diy. Just tape off an area on the bangle, paint, let dry, touch up with a sharpie and enjoy! 

I liked the white panel on black, but really wanted the look of this ASOS Angular Wooden Bangle with Neon Perspex Panel.  So, I repeated the steps above and painted over the white with Citron craft paint, with the intent to mod podge or glaze over the craft paint...but  After doing this, I realized it wasn't a smart move to paint craft onto nail polish. Next time, I'll stick to just citron craft paint on white craft paint, covered with mod podge. Or I'll have to buy a neon green or citron nail polish, to go over the white nail polish. OK, sorry for rambling a bit, it's hard to type & concentrate when my two year old is hanging all over my arms and lap cranky.  It's her  nap time.

Well, I hope the pictures will suffice in helping you diy your own color paneled  wooden bangle! 

with triple thick glaze

inspiration bangle

links to some more diy neon wood bangles:

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