Monday, October 1, 2012

BooBaby Pacifiers

We have been battling a mosquito invasion AND sick to the bones in our house sneezing and blowing our noses for the past several days.  Thanks to Zazzle's easy to use system, I've been actually productive today.  I made these cute Halloween themed pacifiers with personality!

BooBaby Pacifiers are the perfect accessory for your little trick~or~teether!  I wish these were around when my girl was an infant!

Now Available exclusively at Zazzle!
VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
BattyBinky BooBaby Pacifiers
EyePoppin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
SillySkull Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
AllStitchedUp Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Update:  3:18 pm 10/1/2012
Inspired by that catchy slogan I thought of I created one more binky to complete the BooBaby Pacifier collection

TrickOrTeethe VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Plus you can use this code: 4TALITTLEONES to save 15% on your order!

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