Saturday, October 27, 2012

OOTD | Mommy+Me

Just throwing out there into the blogosphere my first #OOTD post.  This isn't my first attempt at taking an #OOTD picture.  It's just that my two babies - my little girl and my cat - keep finding their cute butts into my shot.   Finally, I've decided to go with the flow.  Here's and quick outfit I threw on yesterday:  an old short white tee from Kohl's, a pair of green shorts from j.crew, metallic bronze wedges from Dillards and my go to bracelet from F21.  The shorts are a tad bit loose, so I must get myself a skinny belt to keep myself decent.  The shoes lasted all but a minute, for the photo only.  When I went out I threw on my nikes. For my mini, I chose a green striped tank from Walmart (got a bunch of these for only $1) and I can't remember where the skirt is from.  My daughter chose to wear her oversized high heels, and my silver bracelet from Claire's.  She also decided to accessorize me with a teal/silver bracelet from Walmart.   I didn't think it goes, but she put it on me, so it's staying.  Makeup is all Bare Minerals, except some concealer from TooFaced.
OK, that's enough of this OOTD stuff for me today.  This is a lot more work to post this than I thought!  If you have questions, drop me a message in the comments.  Gotta go turn myself into Elastigirl for tonight's costume party. We're going as The Incredibles ;) (keep a look out for that diy post next week!)
p.s. does anyone know how to remove the light box outline around my sig?  that bugs me.


Anna said...

Love the color combo! Your mini is simply adorable! Look forward to more OOTD!

Jack Martin said...

Fashionable and Cute!! Lovely combination of colors! :)

Annie said...

so beautiful