Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Toot! Toot! for "twenty seconds later."

When I got the email from Merek telling me that I had recieved honorable mention, I was ecstatic! I really shreiked! My hubby didn't know what the commotion was all about. But he was so happy for me. So was the rest of my family. But I was not suprised that my dad's expectations were not met...When I told him over a long distance phone call to the Phillipines, he simply replied, "Yeah, but you didn't win." He always says what you don't expect. And I guess I get that quality from him too.

But thank goodness my mom balanced me out with optimism & a cheerful heart, because...Well, ya know what...I'm just going to go ahead right here and toot my own horn! Even though I didn't win the big fat juicy first prize, it's a great feeling to have one of my submissions recognized among 800+ layouts! The BigiDigi contest at scrapbook.com really got my creative juices flowing. Honestly, I did more layouts in one month for the contest, than I ever had done in the past two years! I didn't realize how competitive the digital scrapbooking world really is. This just seals it for me. I'm absolutely hooked.

Here's a link to the announcement page with all the other gorgeous winning work:
Ron & I always love spending time with our friends' children and our neices & nephews. We like to think of it as parent-training for that "someday" when we are blessed with another chance at parenthood and having our own family grow.
I have to thank my super guapo & funny hubby Ron, who's facial expressions are the source of much of my happiness. Margie & Tom Fooshee for "lending" us their lil' princesses for these snap shots. Without these pix, the layout would have no cuteness factor to play up! Here's a link to this layout in my sb.c gallery, where you can find info. on the products i've used to make this page and see other sb.c members' comments. http://scrapbook.com/galleries/88021/view/903229/-1/20/1.html

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