Tuesday, September 4, 2007

my new ad banner

i've made animated gifs before with series of facial expressions and dance movements, but this is my first animated gif for marketing purposes. Although it's short...it's got, i don't know, 40+ frames in it! I took me about 5 hours to get it this way. i wanted the transitions to be smooth instead of the constant blinking effect that a lot of the digital scrapbook banners use. my favorite part is the way the words cactus, mango, and designs come come into view from various sides. If i get more time, i'll try to figure out how to put sound on it. Because i'd like the word "designs" to have a little "ting!" sound to it when it hits the "g" in mango.

[afterwards, i realized i should have asked Ron, my graphics & animations hubby, to help me with it. because animation is his bread & butter. hello! zazo graphics & animation! he's going to show me how to make one on Flash sometime next week. he said on flash this ad banner gif would have taken only about an hour, if that, to accomplish. so that's exciting! I'm always down to learn new techniques & new programs that make my digital life easier! ]

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