Friday, September 7, 2007

Somebody Just Shoot Me!

I spent the good half of the morning screaming futilely at my monitor. Today our pc was painfully slow and kept hanging on rendering the type even if i had just moved the text box a milimeter. i shamefully called ron at work to whine. His solution. Turn off the computer & reboot. I lamented that I had yet to save my layout! Eventually the pc tired of tormenting me and returned to it's normal efficiency. I was able to do most of my CT LO postings today. But now, i'm just tired & need a break! the first layout is of me hugging my mom back in Jan. We were watching my twin nephews in their little basketball league. It was cold! Anyway, I tried to practice writing in tagalog in this layout. [so all d pilipino's can make fun of my messed up grammer! LOL! hey - at least i'm putting forth effort to practice. ]

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