Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blog Hopping Adventures.

You never know where blog hopping will take you. It can be addictive. I wonder how you ended up here? Please do tell. As for me, I started out reading my messages over at Kjoi Studios forum & came across a tip for Kara Jones suggesting that we join a blog train. I'm clueless of course, so I go over to digishoptalk & find the Lena Brandenburg's 9/6 Blog Train. But basically, If you blogged today, You can post it in the thread & then read the blog of the last person to post before you & leave a comment for them. It ends up being a sort of blog directory.

So, today, I went from Kara's, to Lena's, to Brigette's
where she wrote about Stand Up & Scrap! I'm always down for challenges & contests, so of course i hop over to see what the hub-bub is about. and ended up at which will benefit Every $10.00 registration goes 100% to The Alliance for Climate Protection.

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