Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chic Fall Calendar

it's finally getting cooler here in Arizona...that means anything below 100 degrees F! yeah baby! And to boot, we've been having lovely overcast skies...that means SHADE! lovely shade! yes, it may sound strange to those who have too much rain...but for us Phoenicians...grey cloudy skies are so beautiful to behold!

My frail little sampaguita plant had a full day without the bamboo screen today and it survived! I bet the HOA committee is sure glad that bamboo screen is no longer needed. Oh, with the cooler weather I can enjoy warming up with a nice cup of jasmine green or chai teas. With these in mind [and the grey skies] i've made up my very first digital scrap calendar. It's 100% Kjoistudios Grand Opening diva grab bag goodies, including my favorite little green tea bag tag. ;) Unfortunately there's been a lot of little "gremlins" messing with our site & took away the Grand Opening diva grab bag from the store...but, I know Kara's tech team will pull through & get things back & running.
update: Thurs. Oct. 11, 2007


Creative ADD said...

Love the new calendar. You should consider setting up an ETSY account. Some extra exposure at least. Thanks for the comments on my blog, I am doing better now. Just gotta keep keepin' on. right?

Unknown said...

hmmm...what's ETSY? I'll have to google that brooke :) glad you're doin' better...