Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moments of Clarity

Sorry, this has nothing to do with digital design.

Ok, now I don't want anyone to get all worried, when i say "I was in a car accident yesterday". I was in the middle lane driving along, when the car in front of me slams on their breaks. I proceed to do the same but I see in my rearview mirror that the big white SUV behind me is waaaaay to close to me. Uhhhh...that's the worst, just being sandwiched in between...So, I just knew I'd get slammed into. Two hands gripping on the steering wheel, I braced myself for the impact. I thought about my husband. Fear inside me built as I thought "Oh God."

Then a dull heartstopping head flung forward....nearly hitting the steering wheel. I opened my eyes and miraculously the stinkin' car in front of me, that caused this accident -drove-off-happy-as-can-be, while I was stopped in the middle of traffic. A lot of colorful adjectives came out of my mouth and then I just sat there, hands still on the wheel, stunned.

Then a gal in green scrubs taps on my window and says, "Come look, you won't believe this, but there's no damage to your car." Maybe you can call it stupid - for not exchanging insurance info - but at that point, I just hugged the girl from sheer thankfulness to be alive and we safely went along our way.

I thanked God and my Toyota Coralla back bumper, because it could have been much worse.

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Creative ADD said...

Oh Mars, well, I'm so glad you're ok, but to say there's no damage isn't so true, didn't your heart stop for an instant before the impact? That's enough sometimes to me with damage or not, it stresses you out. Sorry to hear you went through it.

Girl, I got your email, I'm rolling it around in my head. We're gonna rock this shit someday, you know that don't you?