Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Contest Catch-up

Whenever the year rolls closer to the holidays, I tend to fall into a bit of sadness. I know for me, the end of the year is always going to be difficult to get through. So that's why last year, I got myself busy. I entered two contests, back to back. Both of them were extremely challenging. Pushing all my limits and forcing me to grow.

The first contest was a 6 week inspiring charity Stand Up and Scrap Contest . More than 230+ people entered, not all sticking through to the end, for various reasons. There was alot of controversy over the voting system and some people commenting that those chosen didn't really deserve it. All I have to say is this - 1. the organizers of the contest worked so hard & thank you to them. 2. the winners, like the rest who completed all 6 challenges, stuck it out to the end. 3. whoever participated was given a chance - an opportunity to shine, to share their talent and beautiful memories and to have pages to be proud of. and 4. We walked away with a massive scrapbook arsenal and helped the environment. What's there really for me to dissatisfied with the outcome? I really am proud. So, that's that. That is how I feel for myself.
I didn't have time to make a "Reveal LO" at the time, because I was working on a scrap-for-hire project and also heading into the holidays, and went on several road trips...Then the new year came, and I don't know where the time went, but it's already March! I'm happy to finally share with everyone that these entries are mine and I made it to the 15th spot in the Advanced Category. mmmhmmm..that's right!

Challenge: What is your dream and use brushwork.
Challenge: What makes your life sweet and use 3 or more patterned paper without being gaudy.
*Top Ten Advanced category week2*

Challenge: What song is important in your life and creative use of typography.

Challenge: Create a LO that focusing on a color that expresses emotion and captures a memory you want us to feel...the LO must be monochromatic.
*Top Ten Advanced category week4*

Challenge: One Original Photo that can speak for itself on a Clean & Graphic page design with no major title work or journaling.

Challenge: "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi. So, design your butt off on a page abt. what you will do next to change the world.

Ok, so i really did lose my creative pow during the last week. So that's my one regret. I also now see that I already answered challenge 6 in my week 1 layout. But I still like the way the page turned out & I've honestly made it a point to switch to reusable shopping bags. Now it's become an ordinary part of my shopping experience. So I made a change in my world that's invaluable.

uh-oh...I'm feeling my tummy rumble, so I'm going to end this post and come back later...

check out my SUAS Reveal on >>> Scrapblog <<<

I posted all the credits for my SUAS entries into my gallery.

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