Monday, March 3, 2008

Make it Snappy!

Scrapblog makes digital scrapbooking a breeze! I owe a big shout out to Dave over at Aries Technology for cueing me into Scrapblog. First of all It's FREE. No downloads required, user friendly, clean interfaces, and a great way to incorporate videos within your slideshow. Love that. With trying to desing kits, getting products ready for sale, keeping up with forums, etc. i find that i have little time to keep up with all the digital pictures I have piling up in my hd. So this free online program is really very refreshing and i can make a digital scrapbook that's still sylishly scrappy and fast to make & even easier to share with my family and friends online. The only glitch I've come across is when I post it into this blog - I had a hard time getting the video and my journaling to show up. Wierd. but, now it's working.

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