Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scrapping for a Cause

Scrapping for Charity is has been around for awhile now, but it never fails to inspire anew hope and purpose driven life. I hope that more digital scrapbook designers try to create kits for charity like Songbird Ave, which stands out in my mind. There are many charity kits out there now, like K-joistudios Lupus Awareness Kit and Oscraps Journey of the Heart. It's a beautiful concept, I love it. I heard that it's not easy doing the paperwork side, but I am hoping that by choosing a well known charity that the process goes smoothly, for my first charity kit, Mabuhay!2. I will update everyone on the progress that Aimee Designs and I have on designing the kit and also plans for doing a contest or something fun to promote it. See {cactusmangoGIVES}

If you would like to take part in current available charity kits please visit the inspirational Songbird Ave site where they have their newest offering to benefit “Women in Literacy Initiative” at ProLiteracy Worldwide. This is the gorgeous gorgeous kit created by Leora Sanford:

To purchase this kit, just click on the cream colored Songbird and it will take you to the Songbird Ave site!

I set up a small site called cactusmangoGIVES, where I'll post all my upcoming charity kits.

Currently I am working with Aimee of Aimee Designs to create Mabuhay!2 which will support the APL Benefit, which provides material, education and monetary assistance to specific charities in Asia, including the Pearl S. Buck Foundation and Angeles University Foundation, among others. A big reason why I'm drawn to this benefit in particular, is because I am drawn to what Allan Pineda Lindo, a member of the singing group Black Eyed Peas, has done with his gift of music, fame, etc. He was given a chance through the aid of these charities. Now, he's giving back to the same charities, hoping to help other Filipino kids like him. I am Super touched by his motivation and that he proudly represents both Filipino and American cultures. Two cultures which I myself have been influenced by and am proud of. To learn more about the APL Benefit please visit

This ties in beautifully with Filipino American Heritage Month, which is when Aimee and I will unveil our collab Mabuhay!2 (it's a remake of my orignial Mabuhay! kit)...So, I was looking for photos today. Photos particularly of Philippines and did a google search for photos of Davao (where Aimee is based) and this is one I came across by photographer >> Keith KP Bacongco <<>> girlpilot << >> slippers <<>

We will release the charity kit this October 2008, in conjunction with the Filipino American Heritage Month. All proceeds, minus paypal fee, will go to the APL Benefit, that supports the Pearl S. Buck Foundation in the Philippines, as well as other charities for Asian communities. For more information and updates on this project visit cactusmangoGIVES at

And again, if you would like to contribute to our Mabuhay!2 kit please leave me a comment here or email me at

Thanks & Have a wonderful spring!


Anonymous said...

See! I love! Way to go my darling! What a nice blog you have :-o

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for supporting Songbird Avenue!!!!