Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unwritten Inspired Page

I just love Unwritten. Even when it started to get played all over the airwaves and television, I still just love singing along with it's catchy and optimistic lyrics. It's a song that can inspire many pages about new beginnings. A new job. A new baby. This was my "Power Song" on my iPod Nano, when I ran my first 1/2 marathon and now it's bringing back all the joyful celebrations of being a newlywed...yeah...i still feel like a newlywed, even coming up to our 3rd yr. of marriage.

One part of the song that I really got excited about is "Live Your Life with Arms Wide Open", because, there's so many times in our lives where we do this in celebration, to welcome someone into an embrace. And I had a perfect picture for that.

One of my husband & I making our entrance into the reception. We both put our hands up in the air, like we were champions, victorious!
I thought it'd be neat to do an extraction of the photo and put as a little topper, sort of jutting out of the top corner of the focal photo, wherein I'm looking upwards, as you can see in this closeup. Adding extracted photos to my pages, is one of my favorite techniques because it gives the page a little surprise for the unsuspecting viewer. Weary of trying "EXTRACTIONS"? Don't be scared. Practice makes perfect. One thing I always do, is work on a copy of the photo, not the original. So, if you do happen to go so far that the undo button has no effect, no worries, you have the original. Here's a great tutorial on how to do extractions...>>TUTORIAL<<. I am looking forward to seeing what LOs people come up with for this great song. Here's a link to the Lyric Challenge Gallery or click just click on my hubby's head. So, I hope you try your hand at extracting photos this month. It really opens up so many opportunities to add something special to every page - even when they are not the focal point of the layout, "imho". [credits: CACTUSmango Designs' - LuvNotes kit, Suzanne Quilish and Tung Fonts, PS CS2]

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