Friday, July 25, 2008

Bloombastic! UPDATE and Card for Kat

UPDATE: Marissa Carranza's Dr. Martens Boot Design

Dear Friends & Family,


I've jumped from 2,000 something up to
310th 69th30th place out of 20,291 22,897 designs from all over the world! Thanks to everyone giving me the "LOVE IT!" vote thus far. PLEASE Keep it coming!

It's now time to share my link with anyone & everyone you know. Your hairdresser, your dogwalker, your dentist, the mailman, your uncle's sisters' bestfriend's brother! LOL!


Remember, you can vote from MORE THAN ONE IP address! Also, after voting LOVE IT on my Bloombastic boot design....very important: Vote "HATE IT"! on the other designs only if you honestly don't like it. ;) (well, except for mine! LOL!) I've been voting Love It for my personal favorites, aside from mine...and I'm happy to see them moving up the ranks too! Along with Bloombastic...these boot designs should be in the top 10 or at least on page 1: It's Time to Play and Beyond Reality by Yang Tong Lee; Laceology and Bohemian Rhapsody by Fhung Lie (I wonder if this is "The" Fhung Lie of the digital scrapbook world?); Wottotastic By Craig Watkins; PNITAS_2 by M Inmaculada Ramos Pizarro; Dan by Tim Low; Arketyp by Adriana Bermuda; and I'm sure there's more, but it's quite time consuming to go through 900 plus pages of designs! But, you can tell, that these designs were made with serious skill and great style. So, give them some lovin' too, if you have a spare minute.

Well, THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! Please forward to anyone you know, who'd be interested in supporting up & coming artists like me! I am starting to dream of what it would be like to win this HUGE contest...It's crazy that my design is encroaching on page 1 territory! if I win, it's because you helped me!

This is a "classic" picture of our beloved Buster sleeping, but my hubby is putting a smile on his face. LOL! I amped up the photo by extracting out the background and using the Neon filter in PSCS3. I made it for Kat a fellow K-Joi Studios diva who is in need of your thoughts & prayers for a new kidney.

Her friend Diana is posting updates on Kat's health, on her blog here. Kara has set up a nice little Cards for Kat gallery for those of you who want to make a digi card for Kat. This is the digi-card I made for her, to hopefully make her for credits

Excited & Hopeful,
~Mars Future Dr. Martens Boot Designer


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Vision Blog said...

Wow Mars, 184th! You're really movin' up the ranks. So, what exactly do you win if you do indeed win?