Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let me Relish

this moment in my life -where friends and family have helped launch my boot Bloombastic onto the "Upcoming Designs" page of this worldwide design contest.

Bloombastic, is a boot design that I created one night, inspired by a design I made for a digital collaboration scrapbook kit called Posh Picnic. Bloombastic, as the name implies is just totally bursting with colors, bold and vibrant, with a feminine floral touch. It certainly breaks the mold for what a DM boot could look like. The name was highly influenced by the fact that I just hosted a lyric challenge with a song by Shaggy.

I remember feeling all giddy with excitement as I finally was done. Happy that after hours of working on it in PSCS2, that even my husband Ron (a professional graphics designer...zazographics.com is his site) was impressed and urged me to submit it it already. With his encouragement and just that "why-the-heck-not" attitude that I have about LIFE, I uploaded my Bloombastic design.

Forget for a moment that my design is about 3,000+ votes away from the #10 spot. Furthermore, forget that the Top 10 spots are overrun by a group of "Goon Boot" entrants, whose sole purpose is to prove that DM riggs the voting. Forget that, as soon as their 24 hours is up, the "Goon Boot" squad and all their supporters will go systematically down the line, and vote against all those designs beneath them, including Bloombastic. I just want to relish in this moment and tell my family and friends how good this feels and how they have made this moment happen.

Oh and let's NOT forget, yesterday's beautimous special delivery (...the bed, not the house guest) made for the best sleep I've had in a long while. Ron on the otherhand reported that he still needs to get used to it, because he slept on our old bed since he was a kid! Yes, it was THAT old. I don't miss the metal coils one bit. Our house guest seems to agree with me.

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