Friday, September 5, 2008

Food, Friends & Fun

What a perfect combination! While we have not decided on a conractor to remodel our kitchen, we figured it was about time to upgrade my hubbies college couch. We invited friends over to test run the new set and I think it's safe to say, their "tuches" were quite happy!

I also finally spent the remainder of my gift money from last years Bigi Digi Contest. Thank you! I love my new archivo, diamond glaze and white pen!!!! I made a really cute hybrid project using the diamond glaze. But, I'm saving it for the Kjoi anniversary, which is in a couple days. So, I hope you come by again to see what little goodies I've made. In the mean time, here's my lil' slideshow of our recent gathering and other silliness.

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Brooke S. Rochon said...

Hey girlie, I will have to get moving on a post about my blog award. Loved the slide show, great to see you blogging again. How ya been, I think it's been since early July that we've chatted, is everything ok with us? Hey, thanks for changing my blog thing, but it's actually Creativity at my Pace, not Place.