Thursday, September 24, 2009

LAST CHANCE!!! for Crop Dreams Charity Kit

Hello Scrappers!

So far, we've raised just $36 USD for Opportunity House. Thank you so much for supporting Mabuhay Project since October ‘08. We'd love, however, to get the donation higher. We have a goal of $200.

So, if you can, we would love it if you could tell everyone about our Crop Dreams Charity kit. If we get the word out to the entire scrapbooking community, we believe we can raise a lot more this last month. This October 2009 is our last chance to make an impact!

Please remember, with your purchase of the full collaboration, you will recieve the Crop Dreams Alpha Set for FREE!

Crop Dreams Charity Collaboration Kit is packed full of all the essentials you need to scrap a whole bunch of beautiful pages. There is so much in here you will love it!

Crop Dreams includes: 18 gorgeous papers, six awesome 12x12 quick pages, 10 beautiful bracket pages, 7 unique word arts ("flourish", "flourish.thrive.grow", "hip!hip!hurray!", "mabuhay!", "proud of you", "sumisibol", "U Crack Me Up")

and 53 tropical fun elements, including: 1 decorated tri-bamboo frame, 1 tied-branch frame, 1 heliconia flower, 1 plant stem, 1 glittered nipa hut, 1 rice stalk (green, yellow, tan), 1 brown vase, 1 watermelon (as a stamp + sticker), 1 watermelon slice (as a stamp + sticker), 1 multi-colored border, 1 pink flower, 3 different leaves, 1 branch with leaves, 1 nut, 1 stone, 1 knotted string, 1 twisted ribbon (in green + in olive), 1 cluster of water drops, 3 glass bead buttons (flower, leaf, wood), 1 green bullnose clip, 1 tropical clipped cluster, 1 brown leather flower, 1 ripe mango, 1 cluster of painted wooden flowers, 1 stapled olive ribbon, 1 pink sash, 1 string of shells, 1 sash with clustered elements, 1 plain wooden flower, 2 wooden "tsinelas" slipper key-chains, 1 lightwash border 12x12 overlay, 1 mango morning 12x12 overlay, 1 mango traffic jam 12x12 overlay, 1 sticker of a string of sampaguita flowers, 1 sticker of a sampaguita flower cut-out, 1 plumeria sticker, 1 plain brown hut, 4 "gumamela" hibiscus flowers, 1 brown with green striped ribbon, 1 "go mango" tropical cluster, 1 multi-colored "community" of huts, 1 cut-open coconut, 1 "coco flora" tropical cluster (2 styles), 1 fiesta "carabao" water-buffalo head, and 1 leather+wooden flower cluster.

Plus, with your purchase of Crop Dreams Charity Collab, you will also recieve the Crop Dreams Alpha Set for free. Crop Dreams Alpha set includes a natural weave texture and a subtly painted version. It consists of a lowercase alphabet, numbers 0-9 and the following punction { } , ! . ? *You may also purchase just the Crop Dreams Alpha Set here >

More about Crop Dreams: This is a beautiful, fresh collaboration kit originally released in October 2008 in celebration of Filipino American History Month - and will retire at the end of October 2009.  Inspired by the agriculture, nature and island culture of The Philippines, Crop Dreams was lovingly made by several Filipina digital designers from around the globe under, to benefit Opportunity House - a Pearl S. Buck Foundation International ( program that helps children in Asian countries, like The Philippines.

To learn about the designers who collaborated on this charity kit and for more layout ideas please visit

Crop Dreams Collaborators: 
CACTUSmango Designs - Mars Carranza, Aimee Designs - Ma.Aimee Suarez, Lorie M. Designs - Lorie Manlapaz, Bev O'Loughlin Designs, teysT - Tes P. Tirol and Dianeskie - Diane Mirabeles.

All Proceeds of Crop Dreams and Crop Dreams Alpha set (minus PayPal fees) will be donated online to Opportunity House of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation

International in celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month. Crop Dreams and Crop Dreams Alpha set are for Personal Use Only.

If you would like to donate directly to Opportunity House, please visit

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