Saturday, October 3, 2009

PregoBrain + Boo Baby

With baby-birth fast approaching (possibly could happen anywhere in the next 3wks-7wks! oh my!) my husband and I have been busy busy busy getting ready. He's assembled the packn'play, the bouncer, the stroller, set up the closet, installed the infant car seat, set up the diaper changing table, laundry...we're almost all ready to go. I know it may sound easy for me, watching him work away, while I'm on bed rest, but it's not! I am going nutso wanting to NEST too! There's only so much satisfaction I can get from internet window shopping for the best deals.

So today, I thought I'd put up some new Halloween baby gear in my zazzle shop. These are inspired by my Bizarre digital stamps/brushes at Kjoistudios. Boo Baby Onsie - Bat wings + Boo Baby Onsie - Spidey Pumpkin They turned out pretty darn cute and they're printed on organic cotton to boot.

The horror story is that I had an attack of PregoBrain and deleted half my zazzle shop! arrrrgh! I was just trying to move them to another folder, but hit delete instead! doh!

Gone are my best selling products: my 'Eclectic Black' slim business card, my multi-lingual 'thanks' postcard and the funky fun 'Urban Island Keds'!!!!

oh, it hurts! forever gone are all the sweet commentary/ratings by fans + customers. (deep sigh) But, I will just have to try to recreate them, someday...

updated: Sat. Oct. 03, 2009 5:12pm.

phew! it took some 'doing', but I have successfully recreated my Eclectic Black + White skinny card. There may be some variation to the original of course, because I was referring to a super small image that I had. Why I didn't save the original is beyond me. Anyway, it's back in my zazzle shop. HERE woohoo!

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