Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Candy + Stitch-less-ness

The other day I was craving M&Ms and learned that you can now personalize them with your own photos and messages! They're having a buy 2 bags, get 1 bag free deal right now. So, I uploaded a few of my Bizarre graphics and this is the sample of what it would look like: How cool is that?! But, I shouldn't be gorging myself on sweets (since I have gestational diabetes). I figured the next best thing for me to do, is to make my own sugar-free candy-coated treats..."digitally" of course! With Halloween just around the corner, you'll enjoy sprinkling your newest Halloween scrapbook pages with these yummy goodies.

Not only is Halloween a week is a major milestone for my pregnancy...I'll be 37 weeks prego on Halloween Eve! Therefore, from now up to the day after Halloween I'm offering these new Bizarre Candy Packs for 37% off when you use this special blog coupon code:

Get the Bizarre Candy 4pack instead of the individual packs and save another $1 ;)
Now for me to brag a little. I won a prize from DueMaternity! I never win anything! It arrived Thursday, and I was thinking it was from my friend Adie, but nope. I actually won a gDiaper starter kit (which is perfect because we're going to gDiaper our baby and needed 2 more diapers! Awesome!) That's not all, we also received the newest What to Expect book! Even though we're heading into the home stretch of this pregnancy, this book also has breastfeeding and postpartum info. (layout credit: Desert Botanicals v2 and ck ali's hand font.
layout credit: Desert Botanicals v2 and ck ali's hand font.

So, I want to share with you the 10% savings code they also gave me for being their winner! Here's the code:


This code is valid for a year only on purchases of $25 or more at only.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, my friends' package finally arrived yesterday from Virginia! What a sweet way to spend my 1st day as a "stitch-less" prego while simultaneously celebrating our 36th week milestone! What a strange feeling to have come this far and to know that there is no longer that tiny stitch holding baby snug inside! Now, we have to let nature take it's course. layout credit: Desert Botanicals v2 and ck ali's hand font.

Well, I've got a couple K-joi Studio Collaboration kits I'm working on, almost time to wrap up the Crop Dreams fundraiser and I have a handful of my own products that I'm scrambling to get up into the store before baby arrives. I have a sneaking suspicion that when baby arrives - I won't have the time of day to do any designing! So, that's all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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Cindy Gay said...

Congratulations on your presents and reaching the home stretch of your pregnancy. Best wishes!
Cindy Gay