Friday, August 26, 2011

day 23: sunset

It's day 26 and although I wasn't able to get any good "Day 25: Sunflare" shots today, I was able to capture the sunset for Day 23.  This was taken while in moving car, using the "Sunset" option on the "Scene" setting on our Nikon d5000.  I had some "camera glitches" (aka I pushed some random button on accident that screwed up my shot) that made me lose a great sunset shot overlooking Discovery Park.  I begged my hubby to turn the car back and drive around and around until I got my sunset shot.  Of course, he said no.  I was bumbed as we drove away and then he shouted out, "Field of Wheat!"  So, I looked to my right.  Beautiful scene right there!  So, I rolled down my window fast as can be and went trigger happy.  Of the 10+ shots, this one came out the best.  I think mainly because of the bird silhouette!  Ok, you have to squint to see the bird, but I think it's still pretty sexy!
credits: *paislee press 2010 calendar stamp, that i modified for 2011.
*overlay edge stax by Kim Liddiard and *hand drawn circle doodle by me.

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