Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabric Erase Chore Chart

I recieved my free fabric swatch in the mail yesterday from Spoonflower!  It's cool!  This fabric called "Round the Bend Grey" is designed by  Cristina Pires

My hubby says he doesn't get the fascination.  It's just a piece of fabric.  Uhm, helloooo, it's chevron, gray and white, what more do you need?  I thought I better come up with a quick way to make this functional and displayed in our house.  Then I remembered my FB wall post that I shared not too long ago about a blogger who turned a picture frame into a chore chart.  I have a frame if you've seen my previous post, that's in need of a purpose and cool fabric that I want to display...but it has to be functional too.   So, here's what I it looks like. Perfect!  Now where will this live?  And will the chore chart really help me stay on task...hmmm?

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Unknown said...

Why sure! thanks maria!