Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kids Vanity Update

So, we did away with my Sea foam dreams and went with classic white. My S.O. spent one morning spray painting the vanity in the backyard. We let it dry, but got side tracked with "other things".

Then a couple weeks went by...My S.O. and bro became so enthusiastic about the project with the prospect of finally being able to use my bro's reciprocating saw *cue the choir of angels* to cut out the wooden top inlay. They went and got some nice pressed wood. Traced the glass inlay for the exact shape and after several cautious passes with the saw, they successfully cut out the wooden inlay.

My S.O. then spent the morning sanding it to give it a nice soft kid friendly edge and spray painted it as well. The paint we chose was labeled "high gloss" but, I think the result was more like a regular gloss. I was hoping for a super high gloss that looks like it's wet glass. Don't know how to achieve that, especially with all the nooks & crannies

 Then we got sidetracked with "other things" again. Eventually, I got tired of it not being done plus, my kids a weed. If I waited anylonger to finish this up, she'd be using this vanity table as a bench. I found some wipeable white caulk in our garage stash. I used wet towels and my fingers to glue and seal the wood inlay into place. This took longer than I thought, because I had to scrap off carefully all the excess goop. In hind sight, I should have used blue painters tape, to protect the edges and make for an easy clean up. Duh.

Lastly, I stopped by Lowe's and told an employee what I was needing...something to secure the vanity to the wall, something white and something flat. If we couldn't find anything, then I'd resort to some kind of white fabric ribbon. He showed me the perfect solution: Plastic Hanger Strap (3/4" x 10"). It conviently has pre-drilled holes evenly spaced apart. All I did, was count how many holes it took to wrap around the vanity leg, added one extra hole for good measure.

Next we needed to make it safe.  S.O. drilled a drywall anchor into the wall behind where the vanity's location. He then made a loop with the plastic strip, aligning the last two holes on each end and placed a screw through it and the wall, for both back legs of the vanity. Lastly, we slid the vanity through the two secured loops. You can't even tell the loops are there. They blend in so well. done!

We're happy with the result and our little girl loves it too! Now the quest is on for a kid safe mirror...

update, 8/23/11: I haven't found a kid-safe mirror yet, but I did find a super cute framed bulletin board!  It's an American Girl product on sale for 13.99 at Safeway.  After I brought it home, I looked online to see if it was a good deal or not.  Seems like a discontinued or not readily available product.  It was sold out on, where it was priced at 9.99.  Would have loved it for that price, but, I'm happy I was able to get one!  The frame is a white painted metal with a darling scalloped edge.  I think that's what really got me.  I don't see too many scalloped metal frames around.   The back of the frame has two sets of hanging notches.  The board is covered in a cute green & white polka dot fabric.  Also, since the board is screwed in, it's easily replaceable in the future!

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