Monday, August 1, 2011

day 1 - self portrait

Playing catch up already on this challenge. (1:50 am on Day 4 of the Photo Challenge) I was tempted to use a self-portrait that I took prior to the challenge. But, decided against it and found myself jumping up & down several times, trying to get my face in the little red Ikea mirror in our living room wall! Pix is a bit grainy and I should have dusted the mirror first, but, at least I got a bit of a workout.
credits: *paislee press 2010 calendar stamp, that i modified for 2011. *overlay edge stax by Kim Liddiard and *hand drawn circle doodle by me.

Share your photos, admire others nifty shots, or if you want to join & have questions, one of the challenge hosts Sherry made up this little button for you to follow to her blog:

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