Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Hair Brained Idea?

OK, before you go thinking, I'm a complete loon. Just so you know, I'm not the first one to try this. I found that out, after I had made these! I should have saved the link, because now I can't find it. But if you google Cat Hair Balls you might find the other person on the world wide web cat crazy enough to try this.

You see, it's not really that strange. I mean, isn't wool and felt made out of animal hair too? Mine just so happens to be domesticated and free! Well, not entirely free, I had to work! My cat Sam hates to have his hair cut and will hiss and nip at the hair groomers.

They said I'd have to have him knocked out, before he can get his hair cut. Which I just couldn't bare the thought of my Sammynuts getting knocked out! So, ever since, I've been cutting his hair by myself, but it has to be while he's eating, so that he's totally distracted. Needless to say, this process takes weeks! But, eventually I ended up with a grocery bag full of his hair!

After watching so much of Planet Green, I couldn't bare to just throw it into the trash, knowing it'd go to some landfill and contribute to the methane gas problem....(good gracious, I sound obsessed. but i'm not! Really!) So, hence, what to do with all that hair!
Ding Ding ding! Make it into felt beads!

Without having any experience making proper bracelets before, I strung up some of the more monotone colored and round beads to give to a friend for her birthday gift. She loved it!

But, her skin was sensitive to the hairy texture of the she's going to use it as a door knob decoration. (humf!) Well, any suggestions on how I can FAB this up would be greatly appreaciated, because I have a huge bag full of hair and 4 floral pin mini skewers of hair beads just begging for a happy home outside of the landfills! there you have it. Why my husband thinks I've completely gone Green GaGa!

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