Thursday, August 4, 2011

day 3: clouds

OK, alright, I confess...technically, these are not "real" clouds...and actually, I took this photo - end of July.  I'm playing catch up here, because it's not really day 3 - it's day 4! Yesterday there were plenty of clouds and I figured there'll be more today...but alas they went away!  So, alright, well I just had to share this picture, regardless.  It's one I took of my dear bro-in-law & sis-in-law as they share a quiet moment - taking in their lovely baby girl's nursery.  A bunch of friends & I had a ball creating the Papier-mâché Hot Air Balloon mobile for them.   

credits: *paislee press 2010 calendar stamp, that i modified for 2011. *overlay edge stax by Kim Liddiard and *hand drawn circle doodle by me.

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