Sunday, August 7, 2011

day 7: something new

(everybody holler like Oprah with me) 
...a new PRrrrOooOoJECT!!! 

TP Wall Art.

"What?" You say.  Well let me tell you.  It's one of the classiest ways to upcycle the lowly TP Roll I've ever seen. Check out these inspiring > TP beauties  What's the best thing about this project? My hubby - who usually curls a nostril at me every time I come up with a new project - actually likes this toilet paper roll project, too!  There's a space above our headboard that's in dire need of a makeover.  This one in particular is what really caught our conjoined eye > Saving by Making

Love this pattern...and hope I can complete this project by Photo Challenge Day 22: Pretty Pattern.  I don't think I can horde enough TP rolls to complete it for Photo Challenge Day 10:  Something I Made.  All my nearby buddies, be fair warned, I may come & raid your recycle bin for your TP rolls in the next couple weeks.


Gypsy Sparrow said...

yep, also a fan of this idea :) I really want to try it too

Unknown said...

yes please do it too! start saving TP rolls & paper towel rolls now. I want to see how yours turns out =)